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Ecoper is launching a tracer study of graduates from vocational education in Tourism in Jordan

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Ecoper is launching today a tracer study of graduates from secondary vocational education in the stream of hospitality and tourism in Jordan. The study was commissioned to ecoper by the UNESCO Amman Office and is framed under its support to the Jordan Government in the implementation of the reform of the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system.

Tracer studies are surveys of former participants of education programs and can also be called graduate surveys, alumni surveys (in the US). Their primary goal is to track the careers of graduates from a specific field of study and assess the impact of the education provided on employment and therefore constitutes an excellent tool for policy impact analysis.

The information collected through these surveys includes personal background, duration of search for the first job, methods of job search, income, working time, type of job, required competencies, relations between study and work, further education and training, mobility, etc.Additionally, the graduates are asked to provide their own opinion of the education received and how it has improved their employability.

Ecoper has included tracer studies in evaluations commissioned by international agencies supporting secondary and higher education institutions in African and Mediterranean countries. One of them was also conducted in Jordan recently and targeted Syrian refugees attending TVET programs funded by international donors. The study not only measured the impact on livelihoods but approached the benefits of the programs in terms of hope and resilience to radicalisation.

Source: ETF, CEDEFOF, ILO (2016). Carrying out tracer studies

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